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I'm currently a software engineer at Yelp, working on the Core Android team (Android infrastructure), since February 2017. Previously I completed a PhD at the university, where my advisor was Professor Z. Morley Mao and I was part of the Robustnet research group. I graduated from the University of Toronto with a BASc in Engineering Science (Electrical and Computer Engineering). For most of my career I've worked on Android-adjacent projects, starting with an Android security focused research project in undergrad in 2010. Early on in my PhD I moved from a focus on privacy and security to a focus on mobile networking, which is still a strong interest --- I've frequently worked on networking problems on my current team, although I've also worked on a wide range of Android infrastructure projects and rotated onto a feature team for half a year.

Talks (not including academic talks)

Droidcon 2018: Your App is a Giant DDOS Botnet [video]. On how we DDOSed our site with the app, and as a result built a system to manage and monitor all our network traffic. The open-source system is coming soon.

Android GDG meetup March 2018: Forging Android. On how the Core Android team (Android Infrastructure team) went from putting out fires to building the future of the application.

Yelp blog posts, talks and other post grad school work

I've created and open-sourced a library for managing and monitoring network data for Android apps. [Blog post] [Github]

On autosuppressing tests.

How Yelp Modularized the Android App

Droidcon 2018: Your App is a Giant DDOS botnet. Blog post and open source code to come whenever I get around to it

Forging Android (SF Android GDG). Don't think there's a public video but I plan to write it up as a blog post some day. This line is me guilting future me into doing that.

I help maintain the list of videos that we watch at Android School, our lunchtime learning group.

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How do I pronounce your first name?

It rhymes with "eye", not with "hay", and the emphasis is on the second syllable. If you get it wrong, I won't be offended. If you're familiar with IPA, then it's pronounced [sanae].

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