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A little more than a month into Covid 19

Some more blogging:

It's been over a month since my last blog post. I've meant to write reguarly In These Times, just to exercise my writing muscles while I'm stuck at home, and it seems like the obvious topic is what's going on right now. At the very least I might find this interesting later.

In the time since I last wrote, Shelter In Place has been enforced in SF for over a month. There has been a lot of uncertainty around immigration, with my last blog post being written before my green card interview was delayed indefinitely, even more so now with the new policies in effect. I've started seriously thinking about what moving back to Canada in the middle of a pandemic might look like. I also got sick with some mysterious illness, which tested negative for Covid 19, but which was certainly worse than anything I remember having had and which has taken me weeks to fully recover from.

I suspected that a time would come when I would get used to things, and that has indeed been the case. At this point things seem normal; it's weird in fiction to see characters hanging out in crowded places, in public. I've found hanging out virtually to be more exhausting than socializing in person and certainly not a complete substitute, but at least it's an option.

In the beginning there was a great sense of solidarity, but I remember someone saying it would not last. Everyone seems a little more irritable - on social media, everyone is angry that everyone else is social distancing incorrectly, and of course misinformation abounds. Real life interactions tend to temper people's attitudes and tone, but there are few of those these days, and a lot of stress and uncertainty. But we're only a little over a month in at this point, which I'm a bit worried about.

Miscellaneous things I have learned:

For posterity, yeast and to a lesser extent flour are in short supply, as are eggs. Chicken tends to disappear first. Green leafy vegetables are in short supply, but cheap, healthy and often overlooked options like carrots and cabbage are there. To my surprise, there hasn't been a shortage of potatoes, onions or garlic.

Having the supplies and knowledge to do important tasks at home has been valuable, for your definition of important. It's good to be able to cook with a range of ingredients. I had earlier hesitated to get a sewing machine, or coffee making equipment, thinking them unlikely to be used often and a waste of space in my small apartment, but I'm glad to have them.

Community, outside of your immediate group of close friends, has been pretty important. Even something as small as keeping each other updated about the state of current grocery stores has been invaluable.

I, personally, find it's very helpful to keep busy. Not necessarily to achieve anything - on the other hand, the pressure to be "productive" in one's spare time is maybe not helpful, especially for people who are already very busy in these times, and certainly as I've been recovering from whatever I have I've been doing a lot of napping outside of work, but I've found it helpful to do things that keep me from dwelling on things and even to make small things better that are under my control. Today, I'm baking bagels for the first time with some of my precious yeast.

Even in a pandemic it's remarkably hard to get th D&D group together.

Written April 25 2020