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My non-panicky thoughts about Coronavirus

I'm not a medical doctor or any type of expert at all, but I realized while brainstorming things we might want to make sure we had, there were things I hadn't thought of, and other people found this list useful, so I'll post it online. For an article from an actual qualified person, I thought Zeynep Tufekci's article was quite good.

What I see as the main problem among people I know is that our lives in SF are not set up to do a lot of living at home. In particular, a worrying number of people I know don't have food at home or really ever cook. But I don't think anything really extreme needs doing, and in fact a hypothetical ideal responsible adult would probably be entirely prepared already.

What I see as realistic concerns are:

Top priority items:

It's unclear that face masks help and you should save them for in case you get sick and need to go out. Hand sanitizer is probably not a substitute for washing hands so don't panic if you can't find it.

Medium priority items:

Lowest priority: Use this as an opportunity to build a decent pantry and generally be prepared for cooking at home. Spices and condiments help a lot. Think about what your parents used to keep in their pantry. Look up some recipes in advance so you have stuff. Also don't buy ridiculous amounts of stuff or stuff you wouldn't eat. Some ideas:

And, if nothing happens, you'll actually be able to cook at home!

Other things to keep in mind:

Written Mar. 1 2020