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Blogging about food, because why not.

It has been a mere two weeks since I first posted about preparation for coronavirus though it feels like an eternity longer. I am pretty happy about the preparation I've done but still have not totally given up on fresh food. I have been trying really hard to acquire a chicken with limited success. I haven't yet given up on fresh food completely and have planned one last elaborate meal, though my attempts to keep a distance from people have been stymied by the fact that people seem to be doing all their panic buying now and there is literally no chicken left in the store. I had what I thought was a grocery list that will not overlap with the panic but nope. At least most people don't realize the value of granny smith apples yet (it's pi day!)

We're also now limited by the fact that our fridge is pretty small. Freezer space must be negociated with my roommate, and even the fridge is getting crowded. I also plan to inventory my food today and explicitly plan meals. I hope to be able to occasionally go to the grocery store until my roommate or I get sick, but I'm increasingly nervous about the crowds there.

Ok, now that I have talked about unrelated things as is mandatory, here's what I've been doing for food. Eventually I'll organize these on different pages.

Other things I have planned for the near future:

Written Mar 14. 2020, updated Mar 14 2020