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What am I even doing here

It is the year 2020 and I'm pretending that personal websites are still relevant.

Maybe it's because I seem to have this weird obsession with making things from scratch and by hand. I didn't use any frameworks or libraries or whatever for this, and I wish I could tell you this was some principled stance but it was mostly out of laziness. Honestly, I think it was originally because I wanted somewhere to put my blog posts but a friend got their wordpress hacked once.

At some point, though, this became about me making some sort of point.

I like to tell myself it's this dissatisfaction with my Internet being full of ads (even though Internet ads are ultimately how I make a living), and with all my content being controlled by large corporations (ditto). I think the personal website was kind of an utopian ideal. It's useless, it makes nobody any money, it's not efficient or an effective use of anyone's time. Way fewer people will read this than will read my twitter or facebook. In fact, I don't know if anyone else will read it at all. Maybe I'm just shouting into the void.

There was a brief dream of an Internet where nobody has to make any money and there were no real problems. It occurs to me that this dream suspiciously overlaps with when I was growing up. And I'm not going to stop using the parts of the Internet that people actually use in real life. But there's nothing stopping me from bringing back the Internet I imagined in my childhood.

Now I just need to find some people to join my webring.

Written Jan. 2020