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Tabletop RPGs

I'm a big fan of tabletop RPGs and board games, and I've DMed Dungeons and Dragons for over a decade now, although I've also played a pretty wide range and DMed a few other systems. During quarantine, I started writing up some of my ideas. I wrote up some adventures that I've run a few times, and then, realizing I have a lot of opinions about what my ideal D&D-style RPG would look like, I started writing them up. Most of these ideas aren't yet polished enough to be published, and I also realize that writing an entirely new D&D-style RPG is not something I'm likely to finish any time soon, so I'm trying to instead write up some system-agnostic content.

Polished and Published Content

All of this started with the Summer 2020 RPG Writer's Workshop, a resource I greatly recommend. Although since then, I've mostly shifted towards paid content, on drivethrurpg and itch. I'm going to continue periodically putting up blog posts here, though, until I find a better permanent place for them.

On Mechanics and Storytelling Strategies

Homebrew setting

How is this new setting different? I've realized that when people say something is "low magic" or "realistic" they often mean something very different than what I mean. I want things to be consistent. I want to deeply explore the impact of magic on the world. I want non-magical characters that are complex. I don't want non-human races that are all culturally identical, or Medieval Europe with magic dropped on top. I want to inject my hobbies about traditional crafts into this setting, so expect some really detailed considerations of fabric production to subtly rear their heads.

Adventures and similar content

This content is largely standalone and not related to my giant worldbuilding/game redesign project

Last updated July 2020