You can find me otherwise on twitter (sanaerosen), where I don't post regularly or really post any valuable content. If I do post anything substantial here though I'll probably link it on my twitter. I have a number of non-tech hobbies that I plan to start keeping track of here instead of scattered across Instagram etc, in a futile attempt to revive the personal, ad-free webpage. I also want to get better at writing.

Blogging and Other Not Serious Writing

My tabletop RPG content is on a separate page:

RPG content

Fibre arts

Right now most of this is on my instagram (sanaerosen) or on Ravelry. I plan to move more content here, especially stuff other than knitting (sewing, spinning, dyeing, weaving). I also have done a talk on the history of fibre arts and how it relates to computer science that I plan to eventually write up and post here.

For now I have two projects that I'm both happy with and were easy to find when I was writing this: the first are the weavings I'm most proud of, and the second are some improvised embroidery linen napkins I have never used, with matching coasters (which I have used).

More about knitting!


I started taking blacksmithing classes about a year ago. I'm not yet terribly good at it, this section is here to remind me to update this with photos about my progress. I take classes at the Crucible in Oakland, CA.
More about blacksmithing!

Last updated Jan. 2020